Commercial Litigation


Our New Orleans commercial litigation clients come to us because they have significant business problems that have either proceeded to commercial litigation, run a significant risk of proceeding to litigation or they simply want to know their rights given a potential or current dispute.

The issue may be a shareholder dispute concerning ownership and management rights of a company; an instance where a business feels the conduct of another business has been unfair or fraudulent; a simple case in which one didn’t get what it bargained for and envisioned; or a scenario in which a business may have been deceived by another business, a former employee, or owner for purposes of gaining a competitive advantage. Such problems often distract and burden key personnel, and also prove detrimental to a business entity’s reputation and revenue.

Each scenario with which we are confronted is unique and requires a quick preliminary analysis based upon the available information and recommendations as well as alternative courses of action for the client to consider. While we are always prepared to fully advocate for our clients and protect their interests in litigation and ultimately at trial, we recognize that litigation or even arbitration is not the answer to every dispute. We also regularly work with our clients to help them resolve disputes through mediation, other business-focused alternative dispute resolution strategies and unconventional, outside the box, creative solutions when appropriate.

Given our experience across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries, we have the resources and experience to handle complex commercial matters and achieve the best possible result no matter what path the client desires to take. Our experience includes the representation of businesses in the following types of disputes:

  • Breach, Recission and Reformation of Contract

  • Fraud and Unfair Trade Practices

  • Corporate Governance and Ownership

  • LLC Membership Interest and Stock Purchase Agreement

  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement and Ownership

  • Commercial Collections